Thursday, May 12, 2016

Fly Or Die!

Living To Die!
Crying To Fly!
Escaping The Lie
Lest When We Die
We Die! Die!

Trusting The Lord!
Not To Trust Him Is Something We Can't Afford
For Satan Walks About
Saying Of This World 
That He Is Lord
He Does Nothing To Give His Adherents 
A True Life-Saving Reward!

When Purchasing A Plot
Or Purchasing A Pint
The Educated Consumer
Does Due Diligence
Why With Your Soul
Would You Sell Out
Without A Look About
For The Price Of A Simple Prayer
To The Living God
You Could - By Free Salvation - 
Be In The Clear?

I Weighed The Pros!
I Weighed The Cons!
Then I Made My Informed Decision!
My Bum Got Burned!
My Affections Were Spurned
Me And The World Had Had A Collision!

The Truth Is ...

Friends Will Be Offended!
Family Will Cast You Off!
Foes Will Drill Bore  You
While Satan Valiantly Tries To Make Gore Of You!

So ...

Choose In Carnal Life To Lose!

Choose By Christ Jesus 
Satan's Overtures To Refuse!

Choose The Choice 
That Comes With A Heavenly Royal Telephone


- Against Sin Death And Hell -
Don't Walk Alone!


Put God To The Test!

He Can Handle It
No One Gets Into His Holy Heaven
By Virtue Of A Default!