Wednesday, May 25, 2016

No Cash In Heaven!

Ambition For Power
Ambition For Place
Has Given To Satan
A Seat In Church Men's Hearts
A Mark On Each Face!

Lord Jesus! Have Mercy!
What A Living Disgrace!

Who Is The Father?
Who Is His Only Son?
Who Is The Holy Spirit?

You Don't Know!?!

Then ...

How Will You The Eternal Destination Race Run?

If You Don't Know Your Glorious Father
If You Don't Know The City Builder -  The Redeemer, His Son
If You Don't Know Your Comforter - His Holy Spirit
How Will You Stand 
At The Final Setting Of The Sun?

Hot Sun Is Not God!
Cold Moon Is Not God!
Whirling Stars
The Earth
Nor The Elements Thereof - As gods
Can Save Neither Me Nor You
At The End Of The Race Run!

Neither Cash Nor Crowns
Power Nor Praise
High Living Nor Low Ways
No Matter How Much Envy Of You
Is In Others
On The Day Of Redemption
Only Those With Jesus-Credit
Will Be The Ones
To Heaven Rising Up!

Saints Live On Jesus-Credit!
Sinners Exist On Do-As-You-Will Satan-Cash
On The Day Of Redemption
Cash Carriers Will Receive
From The Sword Of The Word
The Decimating Slash!

There Is No Cash In Heaven!
In Heaven There Is No Pharisee Leaven!
Only Those Who Stand
On The Word - Salvation's Rock
Will By Faith
Have Cashed In
Their Eternity Stock!

Are YOU On The Rock Steady


Are You Falling
Drinking Babylon's Wine?