Monday, May 30, 2016

The Ablest Christian

On A Trip To Understanding
Through Faith And Hope
I Met The Ablest Christian
Who Humbly
Lives For
Carries The Spirit Of The Living God
In His Work-Weary Bosom!
I Met The Faithful
Relinquish N. Rely!

What A Strange Name!
Is That Your Real Name!

Yes x 2!

Good Gracious!

God Is Good!
God Is Gracious!
God Is x 2!

I Like Your Short Hand!

God's Hand Is Not Short!
God Has Two Comforting, Caring, Carrying Hands!
God = 3C

Alrighty Then!
You Were Telling Us About Your Name?!

Ah, Yes!
I Was Named To Honor Him
On Whom I Must Rely!
I Was Taught To Relinquish That
Which Does Not
A Heart For God

The "N" Stands For NOW!

I Was Taught
NOW Is The Accepted Time
The Time To Gain Salvation!
NOW Is The Time To Serve
Him Who Purchased Our Salvation!

Okay. OKAY!
I'm Feeling YOU!

So, Then ...

What Do You Say
Is The Word To The Wise
The Word To Him
Who Would
To King Jesus Fly?

Let Me Try! Let Me Try!

Relinquish NOW
Heady Wine And Gilded Rose!
Rely Right NOW
On Him Who Makes
Luscious Grapes And Beautiful Flowers Grow!
Safely Rely Now On Him From Whom
All Of Our Gracious Blessings Flow!


A Life Lesson In A Name!

I've Got A Name For You: 
Trust N. Obey!

That Is My Father!

Grace N. Glory?
That Is My Mother!

Praise N. Worship?
That's My Gran' Pappy!

Truth N. Light?
That's My Granny-Ma!

This Is Too Funny!
We Give Up!!
You Win!

No Need!

Every Name In My Family Is A Lesson For Life
And Our Trusting In Him Who Gives Us Life
Carries Us
- Safely -
Through Life's Strife!

How Lovely!
Thank You So Much For Sharing!
I Hope We See You Again!

Blessings Be Upon You!

What A Lovely Person!