Saturday, May 14, 2016


Whatever Happens In The Life Of 
A Committed-To-Christ, Born-again, Bible-believing Christian
All That He Needs To Know Is:

1. God Does Not Lie
2. God Does Not Change
3. God Is Faithful
4. God Is With Us
5. God's Word Stands
6. God Makes No Mistakes
7. Prayer Is Our Key
8. Death Is Sleep
9. God Loves Us
10. Nothing Can Separate Us From The Love Of Jesus
11. Our God Is Loudly Returning
12. Heaven Awaits Us
13. We Are Strong In The Lord
14. Angels Are Watching Over Us
15. All Things Work Out For Good For Lovers Of God
16. God Will Never Leave Us Nor Forsake Us
17. God Lifts Up The Humble
18. God Cannot Forget His Children
19. God Is For Us
20. God Leads His Children
21. Our Help Is From God
22. Our Redemption Is Near
23. Look To Jesus And Live
24. Don't Look Back
25. Lean On The Everlasting Arms
26. Be Not Afraid
27. God Is In Control
28. Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice
29. God Will Restore
30. God's Grace Is Sufficient For Us!

The Heart 

That Trusts God Has
Feet That Walk By Faith
Ears That Hear God's Call To Supper
Eyes That See Heaven Clear
Hands That Help The Fallen
Arms That Wrap In Love
Legs Strong To Climb Life's Mountains
Its Back To The Gospel Plow!

We Have An Anchor In Jesus!

We Are Not Tossed By Doctrinal Change!
"God Alone! His Word Alone!"
Are Inscribed On Our Banner
This Earth Is What 
- To Get To Heaven -
We Will Gladly Exchange!

Our God Shall Come

- But Not In Silence -
To Claim His Self-built Church - His Bride!
Righteousness Is Her White Linen Garment
Which By God 
Is Freely Supplied!

We Are Going Home To Mansions

That Jesus Christ Himself Has Prepared!
Eye Has Not Seen 
Nor Has Ear Heard 
Of The Glories
That Are For Our Expected End!
So ... 
Let Us Let No One Steal Our Gold Crown!
Let Us Honor God
For On Him We Can Eternally Depend!
He Is Our Faithful Friend 
To This Journey's End
So Let His Church Say Aloud 
Time, Time And Again
Bless God! 


Jesus Is Coming Again!