Sunday, April 3, 2016


I Looked Into The Mirror
And From My Self Turned Away
And Looked Unto Him Who Was Behind Beside
Looking With Loving Eyes My Way!

I Know Him!
It Is The Master!
His Heart Is Courting Mine!
Sometimes To Him I'm Amenable!
Sometimes - Resisting -
I Behave Badly
Giving Him
What To Me
Is A Hard Time!

Time Passes
And I Grow Tired
Of My Struggling Against Him
And His Love!

He Said To Me: 

"Dear One,
In Me You Will Ever Find Love!
I Cause The Sun To Shine
On The Good And The Evil, And
My Blessings Upon You Do Not Depend Upon Your Input!"

"I AM Love!
I Love And Care For You!
I AM Comfort - You Are Blessed!
I Laid Down My Life
So That - In Me - You Will Find Perfect Peace And Sweet Rest!"

"I AM Always Available To You!
I Can't Force You To Love Me
To Trust Me
To Walk In My Way
If You Give Me Your Hand
In Sweet Fellowship
You Will Have Against Sin, Death And Hell
Made Your Glorious Grandstand!"

"Walk With Me Holy
For I AM Holy!
Keep My Commandments!
Do Not Follow The Word And Stray Away!
Keep Your Salt Dry And Accessible
And Don't Let Your Lamp Of Oil Run Dry!"

"Bless Me With Your Prayers And Your Praises!
I Bless You In Myriad Uncountable Ways!
Hold On To Me - My Hand Is Rock Steady
And You Will Stand Firm By Faith
Until The Coming Glorious Day!"

"Call On Me!
Come What May
Call - I'm Already On The Way!"

I - In Faith, Love And Trust - Called!
Before I Finished Speaking
My Master IS Here
My Heart Sings!