Saturday, April 2, 2016

God Is Kind!

To Some,  God Is Father!
To Some,  God Is Friend!
To Some,  God Is That Vengeful Being
Who Will Fry Them In The End!

To Some,  God Is One Gracious!
To Some,  God Is One Kind!
To Some,  God Is The Godfather
To Proffer Cure and Clean-up
When They've Acted Like The Horse's Behind!

Like It Or Not ...

God Is The Father
The Creator Of All He Surveys
Nothing That Man Objects To
Is Going To Make God Change 
His Unchangeable Ways!

I AM The Lord!
I Change Not!
I AM Your Haven - Your Rest!
Walk With Me!
Live To Me!
Obey My Laws
You Will Live With Me
In The Glorious Land 
The Blessed!