Monday, April 4, 2016

GOD'S WORD: Think Not Of Tomorrow!

My Spirit Was Offended!
Things Were Not Going My Way
So I Had Me A Little Think 
Said Me A Little Prayer!

I Sat And I Thought For A Little While
My Face Broke Into A Little Smile
For It Was Then That It Came To Me
That My Heavenly Father
In His Holy  Word 
Had Left A Revelation 
For Me To See!

I Should Have Known This!
I Should Have Remembered That
God Is My Shepherd
I Should Walk By Faith
Don't Look Back!

"My Word Is Truth!
My Way Is Light!
Think Not Of Tomorrow!
In My Law Find Thou Great Delight!"

"I Feed You Freely!
There Is Light On The Shore!
Rest Though In Me
I AM The Open Door!"

Blessed Are The Poor In Spirit!
My Word Is Life!
My Love Has No Limit!
My Grace To You Is Sufficient
Even Though, To You, Your Prayer Is Inefficient!

Okay,  Dear Father!
You Made Your Point!
It's Just That Sometimes
Life's Never-ending Happenings
Seriously Put My Poor Nose Out Of Joint!

I Trust You,  Dear Father!
And This -  My Word To You -  Is True:

Please Know
That As Long As
You Are Your Word
Your Word Is True
You Lift Me Up
Address Me
In Your Garments Dress Me
My Heart Is Home
For Only You!
I Love You!