Wednesday, April 6, 2016

HUMAN WILL : Payday!

Evil Always Looks Like Fun!
Evil-Doers Always Appear 
As Though They Are Having
The Grandest Time
The Dawning Of ... The Day
Dollar-Bill Makes His Demand
Has Not A Leg Upon Which To Stand!

Somebody Is Going To Have To Pay!!

There Are Times
When I Think
It Would Be A Pleasure
To Hear An Evil Person Say:

"I Was Good!"
"I Did Good Today!"
"Jesus Made Me Do It!"
"Hip!  Hip!  Hooray!"
That Would Be
A Big Fat Lie
Jesus Does Not Lie
Nor Does His Word
His Word Says 
He Will Not Take Liars Into His Home!

So ... World

WE Have A Problem!

Every Man
Must Find God
For Himself 
Even If It Means
He Shacks Up With Fraud
For God Gave Each Human
A Will And A Way!

However A Man Wills And Walks
One Day - Bitter Or Sweet
He Will Receive 
His Justly Earned Pay!

If He Chooses To Follow
The Loud Crowd
Wining and Dining
Behaving Like The Wallowing Hog
It Will Be By His Own Choice
Jesus Christ Bends No Man's Wrist
Nor Does He Order Compliance
By Pulling Out A Big Fist!

If Man Chooses To Follow
The Loud Mouth Idealogue
It Is His Choice!

If His Companions Rejoice
 - At The End -
When To The Market He Is Bespoken
It Will Have Been His Choice
If He Is Skinned
Shattered - Mind Completely Broken!

BUT ...

If He - Man - Hears
The Spirit's Call He Obeys
Off To Jesus
From The Devil's Chain
He Breaks
He Will Find
A Glorious "Welcome Home!" Feast
Celebrating The Restoration
Of The One
That All But Jesus Called

A Big Mouth 
Does Not A Good Teacher Make
Neither Does A Small Voice 
A Pushover or Fake!

Think Prayerfully Of Those You Will To Follow!

The Holy Spirit Will Call 
Call Out To You
Until You Respond
- By Thought,  Word, Or Deed -
You Have No Part In Me
For I Won't On Your Green Grass Feed!"

In That Day
The Very Devil Becomes Your Daddy!

You Will Have Chosen
Your Own Pay Master


With No Jesus To Save You
Your Life Is Twice A Fatality 
Utter and Complete!
There Is No Turning Back!
You Are Finished 
- A Disaster -
Just Like Humpty
You'll Have No Need For Wet Plaster!