Sunday, April 24, 2016

It Is No Mystery!

It's No Longer Good To Be Good!
It's No Longer Bad To Be Bad!
It's No Longer Bad To Be Glad To Be Bad
Bad To Be Good And Be Glad!

It's Bad To Be Glad In Your God-Given Skin!
It's Sad When You're Grateful To God For Your Making!
You See
God Is Not Bright!
His Creations Look A Sight!
So Recourse Is Your Own Body Remaking!

Being Happy To Be Made In The Image Of God
Is A Myth 
According To Goatman The Fraud
God Is Not A Comforting Sight
So He Blinds The Sheep People
By Making Them Walk In The Light
Daring To Ask Him "What If?" And "Why Not?"
Is Not Met With Heavenly Delight!

Man As A God Is A "Thing!"
Loving The Opposite Sex Is Considered A Mere Fling!
Doing The Do That Has Been Done 
Is The Do That Shall Be Done
God's Vengeance 
Will Leave Maliciously Evil Men 
No Place To Hide Or To Run!

Will You Do The Do That Honors The Holy God True?
Will You Be A Watchman 
Tell The Truth To Your Crew?
Will You Stand For The Right
Doing Good In The Day
Not Evil At Night
So That You Can Walk With The Redeemed 
Into The City Of No Night
Live With The Savior In Blissful Delight?

Satan Always Has A Better Way


God's Way Is Always The Best!