Tuesday, April 19, 2016

... On The Broad and Bent-Up Way!

Everywhere I Look
I See
Envy and Hate
Those Committed To The Cause
Seem Not To Know That
Is Getting Ready For 
Its Final Round Of Applause!

Pride In Possession
Pride Of Place
Pride In Association
Even In Disgrace
Seems A Badge Of Honor
To Those Whose Fate
Is Clearly Delineated
In Heaven's Everlasting Slate!

Heaven's Slate
Is The Holy Bible True
Preserved By The Living God
As The Right-Living Guide
For Me And For You
Deciding It Is Not Relevant
To Your Current Life
Does Not Change The Fact
That Satan's Way 
- As In The Bible Written -
Is The Way Of Carnality And Vice!

A Person Does Not Have To Believe
That The Bible Is True
God Gave Each Man
Free Will And Way To Walk
When He Places His Shoes!
Pity, Though
I Tell You
Many Have Chosen The Way Of The Lie
As Spouted Sprouted By The Proud
The Craven
The Cowardly
The Covetous
The Dark Prince Who Has The Power Of The Air!
And Human Ears, Too!

Don't Fill Your Stomach
With Food You Can't Digest!
Don't Fill Your Heart
With Sin
Refusing It To Confess
For The Day Is Soon Coming
When The Lord And Creator Of All
Will Return To Claim His Creation
Dispossessed By Adam's Fall!

Whether Or Not
You Choose To Believe This Refrain
Know - With Certainty
Creator God
Does Not Play
Human Nor Satanic Games!

God's Word Is THE WORD!
God's Will Is THE WAY
Despising His Law
Is Only Going To Cause You
The Ultimate Penalty
For Yourself
To Have To Pay!

Now Is The Accepted Time
God's Pathway
Is The Way That Shines
Dismiss The Goat-Master
Get Away From The Herd
Call Out To King Jesus
And Your Plea 
Will Be In Truth

Satan Lovingly 
Unbelieving Men's Necks Shave
After Oiling Their Bodies
For The Brimstone And Fire Grave!

Don't Believe
All His Half-Truths
White Lies
Strategically Placed
On The Broad And Bent-Up Way
Causing Men
God's Truth To Flagrantly Deny!
Call Out To The Heavenly Father
It Is The Only Safe Way!
Or Scream Out
Call Out To God!
He Won't Leave You Out
Weak And Falling
On Your Back
Or A Gun In Your Mouth
Call Out His Name - It Is A Prayer
He Will Aid You Out!!

Have Mercy, Lord Jesus 
The Perfect Prayer!