Sunday, April 10, 2016

PHARISAISM : Walking Wide

One Day
Not Too Long Ago
I Met An Honest-To-Goodness Pharisee!
Believe It Or Not
His Name Is Me!

What Was So Stunning About This Meeting
Is That I Was Standing
In A Mirrored Space
With My Friend
And I -  Me -  Was There 
Plain As Day
To See!

The Experience
Was Troubling 
Self Was In The Fore
And Before One Could Say: "Score!"
That Black-hearted Gully-Bore
Was Calling Another
Something Not Nice At The Core!

I Pointed A Finger At The Mirror!
Three-Finger Was Pointing Back At Me
And That Is When
I Heard Satan
Laughing Uproariously:

"What A Dunce!
Condemning Another
By Pound Versus An Ounce!
How Precious!
Get Ready, Thou Judge!
Upon You I Shall Pounce
You Shall Know 
That You Have Been Trounced!"

I Stood ...  Aghast!

Lord Jesus!
Look What Has Come To Pass!
I Saw Their Mote
But A Beam
A Plank
A Big Piece Of Wood
Is Sticking Out Of My Eye!

I -  Me - Am Become The World's Judge!
Me - The One Who Is Always Making Fudge!
I Am Now Found Wallowing In Sludge!
I Can't See Myself!
I Am Become God
When That That I Condemn
Is What Has Me Walking On
The Razor's Edge!

If I Slip ...
When I Slip
I Shall Fall
And My Head
Will Have Been Recalled
And,  I
Will Have No Opportunity To Recant!

Lord,  Please Forgive Me!
You - The Eternal - Are The True Judge!
Lord,  Get Me Out Of This Self-Manufactured Sludge
And Keep At Your Side
In Your Care
From Which I - By Living Faith -
Shall Never, Ever, Again Budge!


Judging Another

Is Like

Walking Wide


A Narrow Ledge!


When We Judge Others
We Condemn Ourselves


 Let's Stop Being Pharisees


Remind Ourselves 


Almighty God 


The Judge


Get Off 

The Wind-swept Ledge


Walk Away


Sin's Fine-Honed Edge!